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How Things Work

Signal Training Bulletin
COMMITTEE G: Education & Training
Communication & Signal Division AAR
Thanks to a good friend Roland Hainey for the following documents!

A-1 Bond Wire
A-2 Insulated Rail Joint
A-3 Switch Circuit Controller
A-4 Resistor
A-5 Lightning Arrester
A-6 Fuse
A-7 Derail
A-8 Spring Switch
A-9 Electric Switch Lock
A-10A Switch Machines General
A-10B M3 and M23 Power Switch Machines
A-10B Model 5 Power Switch Machines
A-10C Model DA-10 Power Switch Machine
A-15 Optical System - Wayside Signals
A-16 Searchlight Signal Mechanism
A-18 Surge Protection
A-19 Winter Switch Protection Devices

B-1 Primary Battery Carbon Cell
B-3 Secondary Battery Lead-Acid Storage Type
B-4 Secondary Battery Nickel-Iron-Alkaline Storage-Type
B-5 Secondary Battery Nickel-cadmium-Alkaline Storage-Type
B-6 Transformers
B-7 Rectifiers
B-8 Charging Nickel-Iron and Nickel-Cadmium Battery
B-9 Charging Lead Acid Storage Battery
B-10 Primary Battery Systems with Rectifiers
B-11 Wire Lines
B-12 DC-DC Converter
B-13 DC-AC Inverter

C-1 Direct Current Neutral Relay: General
C-2 Magnetic Structure Direct Current Neutral Relay
C-3 Direct Current Neutral Relay: Contacts
C-4 Direct Current Relay Operating Characteristics
C-6 Thermal Relays
C-7 Polarized Relay- Neutral
C-9 Neutral Slow-Release Relay
C-10 Biased Relays
C-11 Flasher Relays
C-12 Time Element Relays- Motor and Electromagnetic
C-13 Power Off or Power Transfer Relay
C-17 Overload Relay
C-22 Interlocking Relay

D-2 AC Track Circuit-General
D-3 Direct Current Coded Track Circuit
D-4 Stick Circuit
D-5 Signal Repeater Circuit
D-6 Switch Repeater Circuit
D-8 Audio Frequency Track Circuit-General
D-9 Block Signal Lighting Circuit
D-10 Switch Fouling Circuits

E-1 Highway Grade Crossing Warning Devices-General
E-2 Highway Grade Crossing Warning Devices; Operating Principles
E-3 Highway Grade Crossing Warning Devices- Wig-Wag Signal
E-4 Highway Grade Crossing Warning Devices- Flashing-Light Signal
E-5 Highway Grade Crossing Gate
E-10 Highway Crossing Bell

F-1 Automatic Block Signal System
F-2 Absolute Permissive Block System
F-3 Traffic Control System (Centralized Traffic Control)
F-4 Classification Yard (Hump Yard)

G-3 Ohmmeter
G-4 Multimeter

Dispatcher Panels:
General Railway Signal Co. NX (eNtrance-eXit) Machine

Power Distrubution:

Anything else:
Mechanical Interlockings