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Lenox Tower was built in 1904 and uses a General Railway Signal Company Model 2 Unit Lever Type Electric Interlocking Machine with a Type A Illuminated Track Indicator. I belive it is a Type A panel, it looks like it from the 1932 GRS catalog. The white colored levers are for Locks, the red color levers are for the signals, and the black colored levers are for the switches. The top cases house the polar relays and the fuses for the switchs. There are three time lock relays on the wall in front of the interlocking machine. There also is a unused GRS panel located in the corner. In past pictures this panel can be seen used, in my photos the panel is dismantled. The track indicator which can be read easily in my photos show all the railroads, you can see some have been removed with electrical tape. Lenox uses several types of GRS signals. The C.C.C. & ST. L. Ry looked to use GRS Type G signal heads as the C.C.C. & ST. L. Ry Old Line used GRS Type U CPLs (To WANN). The Wabash Ry used GRS SA Searchlights and the A&S Ry. used GRS G signals. I have several pictures of the signals located around the tower. Any information you want to add please email me.

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Photos were taken with a Union Pacific Official's permission.

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