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New York City's
Pennsylvania Station
Colorlight Signals

New York City's Pennsylvania Station hosts colorlight signals that are suspended from the ceilings of the terminals. These signals manufactured by Union Switch and Signal Company of Swissvale Pennsylvania are only known to be used in a few terminals. The signals appear in the Union Switch and Signal Company's 1909; Electro-Pneumatic Catalogue Volume 2 and is not in any other US&S Catalog. The signals were installed prior to the terminals completion in 1910 have survived over 100 years, today several of the signals have been replaced by new Safetran signals. The Safetran signals are custom to fit the size and style of the older US&S style colorlights.

In 1909 these colorlight signals cost $64.00 for a 4 light and $74.00 for a 5 light.

Signal Left: Plate 0965
Suspended Four Light Automatic Signal

Signal Right: Plate 0967
Suspended Five Light Interlocking Signal

Signal Aspects:
Red over Red: Stop
Yellow over Red: Approach
Green over Red: Clear
Red over Yellow: Restricting

Signal 44E

Signal 110W

Signal 112E

Signal 113W

Signal 116E

Signal 122W

Signal 126W

Signal 136W

Signal 138W

Signal 520E

Signal 524E