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Delray Tower
Detroit, Michigan

Delray tower was originally built in the 1890's and was a wood tower. In 1945 the Pere Marquette Railroad replaced the wood tower with a brick tower which still stands today. The tower has a 36 lever mechanical interlocking machine in it and later a 20 lever US&S Style S-8 interlocking machine was added. In 1957 the interlocking was as follows:

Mechanical Machine Electric Machine
19 Levers for 19 Switches
11 Levers for 11 FPL's & 1 Derail
04 Levers for 4 Derails
01 Lever for 1 MPF
35 Working Levers
01 Spare Levers
36 Lever Machine
12 Levers for 25 Signals
03 Levers for 4 Switches
01 Lever for 1 Switch and Derail
16 Working Levers
04 Spare Levers
20 Lever Machine

The interlocking remained to be an Electro-Mechanical Interlocking until 1992 when the last mechanical pipe and device was removed from service. Since then the plant has been an all electric interlocking. Today the tower is operated by CSX Transportation and is one of the last remaining towers in Detroit.

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This view is looking down the CSX/NS line to Detroit. The first switch and track to the right is the CN/NS line, the next switch and track is the Conrail Shared Assets line to Detroit.

This view is of the Electro-Mechanical interlocking machine. The smaller levers on top of the mechanical machine are the later added US&S S-8 machine.

This is the Model Board, notice a lot has changed over the years by the addition of electrician tape and white out.

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