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Tower 2
St. Louis, Missouri

Tower 2 was one of three towers that controlled traffic to St. Louis Union Station. Tower 2 was a two-story brick structure that was owned by the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis. There were two different interlocking machines inside the tower, one was for TRRA and the other was for the MoPAC tracks. These machines where Union Switch & Signal Company Electro-Pneumatic interlocking machines that ran off 80 Lbs of compressed air. The TRRA machine was a 59-Lever frame with 44 working levers and 15 spare levers. The MoPAC machine was a 23-lever machine. In 1964 Missouri Pacific removed their interlocking machine from this tower and transferred them to a new facility run by MoPAC. In the early 1980's TRRA moved the interlocking controls to it's Madison Facility, the tower was tore down in the early 1980's.

This view was taken on May 30th 1957, looking east from Jefferson Ave Viaduct. Train C&EI Number 200 passes Tower 2.
Photo Taken By: James 'Jim' L. Ozment

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