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A visit to Illinois Railway Museum on 6.13.2009
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I have been talking about getting back to IRM for quite some time. Finally my bother Nick and I packed up the Chicago & NorthWestern Dwarf semaphore for Julie. IRM already had some in service and I had anoyther one they could use so we traded. They had a special mail train running and it was neat to see how they used to get mail. It was wild to see a hook on the side of a train grab the mail bag and the clerk to kick out the other mail bag. Another great visit! Here is some of the contact info:
Illinois Railway Museum
Website. http://www.irm.org/
Address. 7000 Olson Road
Union, Illinois 60180

Here are some of the photos we took while being at IRM:

Basket Wigwag. Griswold Rotating banner.