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A visit to Illinois Railway Museum on 6.13.2009
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I have been talking about getting back to IRM for quite some time. Finally my bother Nick and I packed up the Chicago & NorthWestern Dwarf semaphore for Julie. IRM already had some in service and I had anoyther one they could use so we traded. They had a special mail train running and it was neat to see how they used to get mail. It was wild to see a hook on the side of a train grab the mail bag and the clerk to kick out the other mail bag. Another great visit! Here is some of the contact info:
Illinois Railway Museum
Website. http://www.irm.org/
Address. 7000 Olson Road
Union, Illinois 60180

Here are some of the photos we took while being at IRM:

Old Hall Banjo Signal.
Old Hall Banjo Signal. Table Interlocker from Deval Tower.
Mail Train. Tower.
Electric Switch. Dispatcher Chris Buck.
CTC Office Units.
Unrestored CTC Panel.
Mail Bag. Grabbing the mail Bag. Got It.
Uncommon Lever Plates. GRS NX Line-O-Lights Panel.