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Wood River Interlocking
Wood River, Illinois

Wood River once had the Alton Railroad, Illinois Terminal Railroad, and the C.C.C. & St. Louis Railroad run through it. There was a mechanical tower there with 40 levers. The tower was located to the South of Ferguson Ave, neither Ferguson Ave or the tower remain in the interlocking today. The interlocking was a combination of mechanical semaphores and electric semaphores. The tower was closed in the 1990's, all that remains of the tower today is a small section of the foundation. Though the concrete relay house on the 1938 prints still survives today.

The image below is a scan from prints of the interlocking in 1938, the red arrows are links to photos of whats left of the interlocking as of April 2010. Click on the arrow to open a new window with a photo of the view. Not much has changed with the interlocking except for the following:
Switch 15 and Switch 10 removed, crossover track remains.
Switch 23 and Switch 21 were replaced with Hand Switches.
Signal 33A and Signal 33B were removed.
Switch 25 was replaced with a Hand Switch.
Signals 34/32/35 and 31 were removed from the plant and a single signal was placed before Switch 28.
All signals were replaced and most moved except Signal 5/6/7 remains in the same spot.

September 8, 1938
Plan No. 2479
File No. 543-34

File Size: 10.6 MB
The I.T.R.R. Crossing C.C.C. & ST. L. Ry. and Alton R.R. Joint Double Track
September 13, 1938
Plan No. 2574
File No. 532-118

File Size: 14 MB
Signal Locking Sheet
September 6, 1938
Plan No. 2571
File No. 532-117

File Size: 10.7 MB
Dog Chart
September 20, 1938
Plan No. 2562
File No. 537-159

File Size: 20.3 MB