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A visit to Illinois Railway Museum on 7.13.2008
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Here is some of the contact info:
Illinois Railway Museum
Website. http://www.irm.org/
Address. 7000 Olson Road
Union, Illinois 60180

Here are some of the photos we took while being at IRM:

GRS 2A Dwarf Semaphore, Used on C&NW RR.
Signal Garden.
US&S Style T2 Dwarf Semaphore. GRS Type 2A Signal, Used on GCT RR. Electro-pneumatic Dwarf Semaphore.
Electro-pneumatic Dwarf Semaphore back lens. GRS Type SA Signal, Used on CUT RR.
US&S Switch Indicator. Inside of US&S N2 Dwarf Signal. Kayla Poses next to the GRS Signal.
Summer and I next to a trolley. Kayla on the trolley. Griswold Rotating Banner.
WRRS Wigwag. Inside GRS SA Signal Inside the dwarf semaphore. Kayla controls the signals.