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Ameren Federal Substation

Found this substation by luck. I was following a road and looking for a place to turn around. I thought I had saw some Wigwag remains at a crossing and when I went to check it out I found that they were not remains. It was a small road used mainly for trucks to the steel mills and such. Not many good places to turn around so I drove. Found a good place to turn around and while I was turning I saw the substation with no wires going to it. I decided not to turn around but go look at the sub. Its being dismantled, all the copper looks stolen or the crew too it all. The large transformers are gone off the tracks. All the oil breakers are still in place, most missing bushings. There is a total of 15 oil breakers left, 5 sets of 3. Looks like there used to be 6 mains that came out of the low end of the sub. All the poles deadend near the sub and looks quite confusing. Most of the switch and multipart insulators are still there. The arresters are still in some places. All the control caninets have been cleaned out and the wires cut at the ground. It looks like there may have been 5 extremly large transformers once. They are long gone. There is a rail that leads into the substation, once it hits the fence it goes under 2 foot of dirt. There are 5 pads with rails on them, I take that the transformers would sit on these rails and the main goes right along the pads incase a change out was needed. It also appears that Ameren had left 2 large step down transformers. They most likly were used for lighting and running all the controls from the inside. The sub is missing all the busses and switch blades, its confusing to try and figure out even how they would have gone. This is a neat old substation, I wish i could have seen it before everything was taken apart.

Back Bus

Oil Breakers

Entire Back Bus

Main Bus

Transformer Pads

Oil Breakers

Step Down Trans