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CPLs, E. St. Louis Illinois

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Location R2

Location L2

Location Various

Signal Replacement
With the tower and control point replacment of Exermont it was a matter of time before these CPLs were replaced. The PL Signals at Exermont were replaced in the the summer of 2012, these signals controls were housed in the same cabinets at the PL signals. It wasnt until April 2014 that CSX finally cut over the rest of the Exermont controls and rendered the control cabinets useless besides the controls for the CPLs. CSX then also cut in the new signals and finally retired the CPLs. On the weekend of April 5/6 2014 the CPLs were retired and the main heads were turned away from traffic. A few days later the CPLs were removed and set on the ground for scrap.