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Conrail Standards:

CS-1000 - Highway Crossing Signals
CS-1001 - Automatic Crossing Gate
CS-1002 - Masts for Highway Crossing Signals
CS-1003 - Gate Arm

CS-2001 - Steel Case Details
CS-2510 - Switch Obstruction Test Gage
CS-2700 - Standard Tagging Identification of Wires

CS-3000 - Typical Circuits Non-Interlocked Hand Operated Switch and Derail Protection

CS-4000 - Electric Lamps
CS-4010 - Terminal Blocks Multiple Unit

CS-6000 - Clear To Next Interlocking Signal Addition to SA Dwarf Signal
CS-6002 - Clear To Next Interlocking Signal Addition to Color Light Signal
CS-6025 - Signal Masts for Color Light Signals

CS-7000 - Signs and Markers
CS-7010 - Stop Sign - Permanent
CS-7464 - Block Limit and Approach Block Limit Signals

CS-9001 - Typical Lighting Arrester Application
CS-9002 - Instrument House & Case Grounding Application
CS-9009 - Track Circuit Polarity
CS-9010 - Instruction for Application of Railhead Beading to Improve Track Circuit Shunting
CS-9012 - Location of Insulated Joints
CS-9050 - Typical Track Circuit Connections
CS-9505 - Signal Painting