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Dwarf Electro-pneumatic Semaphores
A friend told me of a place that had a bunch of signals in the basement of a building. He said that they were semaphores and had been there since 1960 and had been though the latest flood. I went there to find that the semaphores were electro-pneumatic, most were missing parts. I think out of the 5 or 6 semaphores there you could make one from the others. They had been though 6 floods, and never cleaned up. They were rust buckets.... There is a board meeting to discuss if they will sell them to me for what I offered them.

Update:The board said they could sell the signals, the person who does the signals at this railroad had stopped talking to me. I had to go there to find out that he had them shipped off and the guts removed and trashed. They will be brought back with new guts to make them work. I will never work with this person again.