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ATT&NW Railway, May 11th 2013
Today's workday was to install the Griswold Tee Bracket and the lights. Also to finsh the wiring in the cabinet and to replace the sensors. The River Road crossing does not have access to 110VAC or 220VAC, so the crossing requires solar panel and a battery to operate. The crossing also goes through a road and the track was not bonded when it was installed. We used Allen Bradley Photosensors to detect the train, there is a uphill and downhill sensor that starts a latching circuit and a timer that when it times out it resets the circuit until the sensors are activated. The other side of the crossing will also have another griswold but it will just be griswold and lights with out the stopsign until we find or make a motor for the signal. The plan is to just get this up and working and ten take it down after the friends meet and restore it.